Are You Vital?

Quality of life essentially depends on our own innate force and balance which provides our mind and body with the energetic synergy to perform each day.

Online dictionary ( defines vitality as:

1. exuberant physical strength or mental vigor.
2. capacity for survival or for the continuation of a meaningful or purposeful existence
3. vital force.

A person’s vitality is not directly measurable by a laboratory test, however it is thought in the naturopathic arena to be demonstrated by various parameters. I’d like to give an introduction to how the body demonstrates to us about health. The first “measurement” of vitality is noting the level of energy one has to perform each day’s activities.The second way to identify vitality is the observation of healthy-looking clear skin, hair, nails and eyes. Of course this is so subjective that science cannot measure either one but that does not make it invalid. By observing your daily energy levels, skin health and eye clarity along the health of your finger nails and toe nails you can begin to see clues of lowering vitaltiy.

Children are the picture of vitality. They have sparkling eyes, beautiful skin and clear nails on both fingers and toes. Also of course they are energy in motion going non-stop morming to night

As we get older the question to ponder is: How is your vital force?  To live a long and exuberant life begin to assess your vitality now. How well can you run up a flight of stairs? Do you love your hair? And how healthy are your nails? Become proactive with a daily health regime and you will be amazed how well the body responds.

Dr Jeanne is a naturopathic physician who designs wellness programs for people who desire long term health and vitality. Please contact her at for additional information.


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