Vitamin D and Cancer Prevention

What is the buzz around Vitamin D? When you view the U-tube link below**, you can hear first hand the excitement that 75% of certain cancers can be prevented with adequate levels of vitamin D. If a drug gave this much efficacy and cure you know it would be broadcast all over the media! Research bears it out that this pro-hormone vitamin D does in fact interact with immune cells to block disease progression. Now that is true cancer prevention.

Old naturopathic philosophy and timeless grandmotherly advice was to get lots of sleep and rest, eat nutritious whole foods, get plenty of sunshine with fresh air, and pleasant exercise. This seemingly ho-hum prescription however, is what can cure the body of many diseases.

In the medical annals one can find rates of cure for TB reported with the use of sunshine. TB patients were sent to sanitariums and prescribed sunshine and rest each day.  Many fully recovered from their disease.

Cancer as the Medical Epidemic:

The two more common malignancies affecting men and women are breast and colon cancer. Both can have devastating effects and are responsible for 100’s of thousands deaths yearly. The studies have been done and done and done again. There is little question that Vitamin D lowers the risk of cancer.

See Dr. Michael Holick’s article: 

How much Vitamin D should one take?

This question depends on individual medical history, skin color, age, current vitamin D levels and place of residence.

What is clear and important is not to guess how much you need. Get your blood levels checked with blood test through your practitioner or through Dr. Jeanne via blood spot testing. See:

**See video from the University of California TV:

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