Why Does Blood Pressure Matter?

Managing Healthy Blood Pressure

Managing Healthy Blood Pressure

Elevated blood pressure is closely related to the health of the blood vessels. These essential conduits contain the vital nutrients carrying precious blood to all tissues. The heart is the pump that makes it possible for the delivery system to work.

So how does a blood vessel stay healthy?

It is simple yet complex.  Here is a basic explanation:  free flowing blood in each blood vessel must reach every part of the human body for essential health and balance. However over time blood vessels can be injured in various ways, but most commonly the delicate lining can succumb to inflammation that then builds up a plaque or a thickness on the inside blood vessel wall. After years of these small inflammatory events and the body’s continuous effort to “repair” the “injury”, the thickness of the blood vessel walls continues to grow. The larger and the smaller blood vessels are affected to varying degrees. The important role of anti-oxidants is key in this repair process. If the repair is not kept up, blood vessels loose their full capacity, narrowing occurs and possible clots form that cause further problems (heart attack, stroke, kidney damage).

It is called a “silent killer” because high blood pressure usually gives no symptoms. People feel fine, but the damage is occurring.

Protection can be found in foods high in anti-oxidants. We now have through Orenda two delicious ways to get anti-oxidants!

Oki and Choki are power house super foods with extremely high anti-oxidants, excellent taste and a great way to help protect your blood vessels.

See WebMD article on “Chocolate Lowers Blood Pressure” http://www.webmd.com/hypertension-high-blood-pressure/news/20070409/chocolate-lowers-blood-pressure

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