Winter Illness and Vitamin D

The deep dark winter is the time many people succumb to all types of illnesses besides colds and flu. Depression, SAD (seasonal affective disorder), pneumonia, sinusitis, bronchitis, pain with chronic illness increases and other immune challenges occur more often when Vitamin D levels are the lowest of the year. In previous health tips I discussed the latest research that shows significant abnormally low levels of Vitamin D in people in all age groups but particularly in very young children and older adults. People living in the northern hemisphere (latitude above 43) are greatly affected; testing is now showing people in sunny climates also have low levels  likely due to sun screen use and clothing cover. My strongest advice is get your levels checked. Avoid guessing by checking. There is an easy way now. Go to and order a low cost test kit and learn what your levels are. It is a simple at home finger stick obtaining a few drops of blood. Be smart, proactive and protect yourself and your family. Your future health relies on your health today.


Remember: prevention is far easier than curing disease

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This Vitamin D educational series will continue each week in the interest of winter health.

Pamela Sky Jeanne ND :

Pamela is a 40 year health care veteran who has practiced in both allopathic and naturopathic realms. She endeavors to provide education and health insights for wellness.


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