Zinc and Vitamin D

Vitamin D body levels become a higher concern when we realize the important role zinc plays especially as fall advances into winter. The Journal of Nutrition as early as 1961, stated that the utilization of zinc is dependent upon adequate levels of vitamin D.1

More importantly zinc is a nutrient that also has a direct effect on immune cells (T-cell activation) by enhancing immune cell activity.  But an interesting dilemma can occur: sufficient zinc in the body and low levels of the sunshine vitamin can still lead to immune dysfunction. Why? Because they are interdependent as so many nutrients are for healthy function.  In the winter months it is crucial to keep both levels up for optimal immune function.

So where do we get zinc?  Whole grains, meat and oysters are good sources of zinc along with nuts, seeds and egg yolks (organic free range is best). The American diet is depleted of zinc due to processed foods, alcohol consumption and depleted soils of American farmland to name a few.2

Dosing of zinc is good at 15mg per day and amounts up to 100mg daily are well tolerated. To maximum immune potential test* your vitamin D levels as the winter months deepen.

Note: women on oral birth control pills need more zinc because copper levels rise while on the pill which suppress zinc levels. (Yes the things your doctor never tells you!)

The Good News!

Orenda’s All in One Female contains 15mg of zinc (amino acid chelate for better absorption).

Orenda’s All in One Male contains 25mg of zinc (amino acid chelate for better absorption) enhancing prostate health for men over 40.

Vitamin D 2000 IU is found in both the male and female formulas.

Take charge now to stay healthy this winter.


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  2. Elson Haas, Staying Healthy with Nutrition, 2006

* Contact Dr Jeanne for easy at home vitamin D testing.

Dr Pamela Sky Jeanne is a 40 year health care veteran passionate about helping others know the facts about keeping healthy. It is way easier to prevent disease that it is to cure disease!


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